Liquid metal turns elastomer into a heatsink ceramic chip capacitor distributors

Adding a liquid metal to a silicone elastomer can create a rubbery heatsink, which has been nicknamed ‘thubber’.

The important characteristics are: ceramic chip capacitor distributors

  • <100kPa stiffness
  • 9.8W/mK conductivity
  • 6x extension capability
  • electrical insulation

“Our combination of high thermal conductivity and elasticity is especially critical for rapid heat dissipation in applications such as wearable computing and soft robotics, which require mechanical compliance and stretchable functionality,” said Carmel Majidi, from the Carnegie Mellon University team.

The liquid state allows the metal – eutectic GaIn alloy – to deform with the surrounding rubber at room temperature. kemet authorized distributors

When the rubber is pre-stretched, the droplets form elongated pathways that allow heat travel.

“Despite the amount of metal, the material is also electrically insulating,” said the university.

According to a paper on the subject, ‘High thermal conductivity in soft elastomers with elongated liquid metal inclusions‘, published in the Proceedings of the US National Academy of Sciences, heat transport within soft materials is limited by the phonon dynamics, which results in a trade-off between thermal conductivity and compliance.

Adding stretched liquid metal intrusions side-steps the trade-off and “these composites exhibit an extraordinary combination of that far exceeds any other soft materials”, said the researchers.

“Until now, high power devices have had to be affixed to rigid, inflexible mounts that were the only technology able to dissipate heat efficiently,” said fellow researcher Jonathan Malen. “Now, we can create stretchable mounts for LED lights or computer processors.”

Photo: Navid Kazem (left), Jonathan Malen (center), and Carmel Majidi (right) at Carnegie Mellon University

Microchip certifies zigbee with PRO and Green Power chip tantalum capacitor distributors

Microchip is claiming an industry first by combining Zigbee PRO and Green Power features in a platform, and getting it certified by the Zigbee Alliance.chip tantalum capacitor distributors

“This software stack, and corresponding BitCloud 4.0 software development kit [SDK], is ideal for the design of home automation, commercial lighting, smart energy and IoT applications, said the firm. “Together with the zigbee PRO 2015 feature set, developers can expect to find features such as low-latency suitable for RF remote applications, mesh networking for large networks such as lighting applications, and the Green Power benefits of an energy harvesting switch.”

PRO Green Power enables energy harvesting battery-less devices to securely join a network.

“With both our hardware and SDK, we’re able to provide functionality for a range of applications from large-scale commercial lighting to ultra-low power battery-less devices,” said Microchip v-p of wireless Steve Caldwell.

BitCloud 4.0 SDK enables application development on the Atmel SAM R21 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit, which has an ARM Cortex M0+ microcontroller with integrated 2.4GHz 802.15.4 compliant radio.

Support for Zigbee Light Link and Home Automation device types is included.

“When used with the newly certified software stack, the SDK provides a complete zigbee certified development platform,” said Microchip.

The firm has two Zigbee development platforms:

  • SAM R21 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit (ATSAMR21-XPRO)
  • SAM R21 zigbee Light Link Evaluation Kit (ATSAMR21ZLL-EK)

Ultra-portable spectrum analyser works with a tablet,kemet capacitors distributors

Anritsu has introduced an ultra-portable millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum analyser range. kemet capacitors distributors

Called Spectrum Master MS2760A, the family includes variants that will work in 5G and E-band spectra.

Behind the small size (155 x 84 x 27mm 255g) is Anritsu’s ‘shockline’ non-linear transmission line (NLTL) technology.

802.11ad/WiGig, satellite comms, electronic warfare and automotive radar applications are also foreseen.

“Users can achieve accuracy never before possible at higher frequencies, as the MS2760A allows measurements to be taken directly at the device-under-test, unlike bench-top models that require cables that can add loss,” said the firm. “Its ability to conduct sweeps from 9kHz to 110GHz also improves measurement confidence.”

It can also be used in manufacturing, and field testing where it is powered froma tablet computer over the USB 3.0 lead.

Models are available to support 32, 44, 50, 70 and 110GHz, and a 90GHz model is offered in countries where an export license is required for analysers above 90GHz.

Other ultra-portable instruments include:

  • Power Master MA24507A mmWave power analyser
  • Site Master S331P field cable and antenna analyser

Be aware that the tablet (or other host PC) needs to be running Windows and at minimum have a quad-core fourth generation i7 CPU with 16Gbyte RAM, 128Gbyt of data storage and USB 3.0.


  • Measure: channel power, adjacent channel power, pccupied bandwidth
  • Dynamic Range: >103dB from 6.15 up to 70GHz
  • DANL: –132dBm up to 70GHz
  • Resolution bandwidth (RBW): 10Hz to 3MHz
  • Phase noise: –116dBc/Hz at 1GHz
  • Up to six traces, three trace detectors, 12 markers
  • I/O: External 10MHz frequency reference